~ Sylvie Hanna has been doing our marketing work for seven years and I have known her personally for nine years. Mrs. Hanna's work is nothing short of amazing and she will continue to work with you till it is just right. I love that she is able to hear my thoughts and ideas and give honest and objective weight to them. Her communication skills and her ethics are stellar and I can't imagine anyone being displeased with her work. We don't agree on everything but we have a professional working relationship that allows us to seek what is best for the company. She can use me as a reference anytime. The only thing you will be disappointed in is that you did not hire her sooner.
~ Monica R.

~ When Sylvie and I first met to discuss the project, I had a very clear vision of the logo I wanted her to create. She agreed that the logo matched the name of my company and asked several clarifying questions to ensure that she knew exactly what I wanted. I gave her a few sketches, but her three designs at the unveiling meeting were above and beyond what I expected. Throughout the whole process, Sylvie was flexible with my schedule and input, as we sent ideas back and forth when we couldn't meet. She was prompt in responding and sending me back changes for me to approve. When we finally decided on a design, she had my cards printed locally, so I could decide where to print. I decided to send the designs to a California company, and they turned out just as I had hoped. Sylvie guided me through every step of the logo design, branding, and business card process, and incorporated my feedback when necessary. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her!
~ Christine L.

~ I have had the pleasure of working with Hanna Design since April 2011. Sylvie Hanna is a creative mind who is always pushing the envelope of creativity and imagination. Her files are well crafted and easy to work with. She is a good listener who tunes in to client's likes as well as needs. She can be counted on to deliver creative results in a timely manner. In short, I heartily recommend Hanna Design for whatever creative project one might have.
~ Chris C.

~ I have worked with Sylvie on everything from designs for church and school to some personal things. She listens carefully and magically translates those ideas into her designs. She can do both whimsical and professional, feminine and tough! Sylvie works quickly and efficiently and always with a joyful spirit. I can always count on a great result!!!!
~ Kate C.

~ I have been fortunate to work with Sylvie on several projects for St. Mark's. She is an absolute joy to work with! Her creativity is inspiring and she always brings unique solutions to our projects. She's incredibly timely and professional. She is also a great consultant -- we appreciate her advice and have benefited from it many times. I'm always excited to start on a new project with her! Highly recommended!!
~ Stasa C.

~ Hanna Design was exceptional at taking our concept and designing a number of options that would fit our event. Sylvie possesses a unique ability to listen to her clients vision and execute a truly original piece of work.The project was executed on time. I will definitely continue to use Hanna Design in the future. Thanks for the great work Sylvie!
~ Alexis K.